Simple blog: what modules do I need?

In this post I'll be taking you through the list of modules that I used for this Drupal based blog site.

The list is comprised of a many well known Drupal modules in the top of the list for most used. But we will also find some modules that are a little less known. We are using Drupal 6.x for this website so that is what we will refer to. I'm going to write about some of these modules, how to use them, why to use them and how to setup. If you come back here later it might be updated.

Here we go:


  • Admin menu
    This module provides quick access to all admin functionality.
  • Vertical Tab
    You want slick forms with less clutter on all the elements. Use this.
  • Mollom
    The Mollom module tries to detect spam messaging on forms on your site.
  • Pingback
    If you want to enable Pingback functionality use this module.

Search Engine Optimalisation:

  • Seo Checklist
    The seo checklist is just a checklist that helps find relevant modules to increase the SEO effectiveness of your site.
  • Site verify
    You want your site to show up on Google and other search engines. Than you start by adding site verification tags through this module.
  • Google Analytics
    One way to track user statistics it through Google Analytics. With this module you get good integration with your website for GA tracking.
  • Nodewords
    Through nodewords you can add meta information to your nodes and pages.
  • Xml Sitemap
    With a xml sitemap your site will be crawled better. Add this module for the sitemap integration.

Path management:

  • Global Redirect
    The redirecting of aliases is nicely handles and a lot of other stuff related to clean urls.
  • Pathauto
    To have your nodes/content associated with a nice clean url automaticly use the pathauto module. This automaticly assignes clean and readable urls to your content.
  • Path redirect
    The path redirect is a manager for all redirecting or custom redirect that you specify for pages.


  • Panels
    The panels give you new flexibility to layout pages and build for example a custom landingpage.
  • Views
    Views is the essential data collector for multiple purposes. Build aggregated blocks, list pages, etc.
  • Token
    This module is used by other modules to dynamicly build stuff.


  • Coder
    Building modules based on the standards mean better, faster, safer code. This module assist to validate your code for complience.
  • Devel
    The devel module provides many different tools that you will be needing as a developer.

User interface elements:

  • AddThis
    To share content you can use the AddThis service
  • Better formats
    The better formats provides extensive posibilities to enhance user experience with WYSYWIG's and input formats.
  • Geshifilter
    The gehsi filter add syntax highlighting for code.
  • Video filter
    If you want to add video to your content use this module to provide the posibility.
  • Wysiwyg
    We all like to work with nice visual editors. This module intergrates javascript based WYSIWYG editor's with Drupal inputs.