Media, church and evolution

I see a interesting development in the church of today. A combination of elements that you might not find very common. Its the combination of media, church and evolution. There is a evolution going on in the media and the church is trying to catch up.

On of those examples is streaming services. Just take a look at a service like uStream and do a quick search on the word 'church'. You'll get over 12.000 results. The fenomenons as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and other social media websites take a common part in the daily life of everyone.

As those fenomenons are taking part in our daily life I like the idea that the Church is using this medium to be a part of our lifes aswell.

Here is are some links to a church where God is doing amazing things at this moment. They use different tools to connect with people from all over the world. They use Twitter for updates etc. Next to that they have a Facebook page to have the conversation going. And they have video through Vimeo and YouTube.