National television in my livingroom


No this is not about my 15 seconds of fame. This week a film crew is filming the (almost) daily activities that we have as a church, that I'm a part of. Their making a program about what we stand for and take a look inside.

The program is produced by national television company NTR for the program Gonzo. What we know now is that it will be aired somewhere in March.

I have been posting some tweets about it already (all in Dutch). Last Sunday (2 January) they were in our church. That Sunday was not our average Sunday. We had a thanksgiving service where we told each other about what God did in the last year and what we look forward to for this year. We also prayed for each other. Here comes the interesting part.

Submersed in a new world

The presenter of the program is a Turkish Muslim by the name of Ersin. It's a new thing for him to step in a world where everything is about the Jesus, God and the Bible. During our service on Sunday we asked him if we could pray for him. Which he said was ok. It's amazing how we can share our faith with him (and the crew).

This week they will be here four days. On this Monday they where with us at the abortion clinic where we stand for the life of the unborn children, to be a voice for the voiceless. On Thursday they will walk with us when we have our weekly prayer walk in the neighborhood of the church and on Saturday they will go their when we go to share the Gospel on the street.

Please keep us in prayer during this week if you will.

What is Gonzo about

Gonzo is a journalism style where the reporter is not objective but subjective in his reporting. He shares his experiences while he is in the middle of the thing that is happening. This is different way of reporting then the style where a reporter tries to be objective and tries to do it in a nutrel way. A qoute refered to for the Gonzo style is "objectivity is a myth". In this program this is what they try to do. Be subjective by beeing submersed in the life(s) of the subject(s).

Here is the leader video for the program.

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Source for image: NTR website