Steal this film

I'm taking a course on open content and mashup culture. We take a indepth look at the development of internet culture and how the open content, legal issues and right management play a part in this.

Today we have been watching a film existing out of two parts called "Steal this film". It one of those films that made you think again about how you view the internet and the content that is produced.

The main focus of the film was to point out that its in the nature of people share, copy and communicate. That is what people love to do, it makes them feel alive, they are not alone. With the evolvement of the internet sharing got a totaly different scope. We started to go a billion times faster in sharing and with massive amounts.

In the film the attention went to the widespread use of torrents and how The Pirate Bay played a role in the wide spread acceptance of it. This phenomenon of using torrents and peer to peer technologie is a mirror of society and how we spread.

You can't stop this spreading of information "its in our nature"

The final point in the film made by the "The League of Noble Peers" it that this development in copy and spreading information can not be stopped anymore.

The movie made some references to how information was spread in the past and how this information sharing has developed. First we started with the printing press, which was even called a machine of the devil. Later on we got photography, tapes, film, cd, dvd and internet. All of these things had a lot of controversy around it.

What is the future of this internet revolution

It made me look at this internet revolution in a new way. What can we expect when we look at the future? Here is a little idea of what might happen. Don't sue me if if doesn't.

As books became part of our society we regarded them of authoritive value. Print had power. The credibility of the writer would be valued higher. But it took time to come to this point. I believe that we will come to a new climax where a lot of content will become the more authoritive. There will be developed a better way to filter and bring focus on quality content that is of more.

I will be following this development. I am excited about the developments that we will be seeing in the future.