We got a GO on our proposal

I'm in the final year of my bachelor Facility Management. A lot is going on, one of which is preparing the internship that I will be doing to finish my year.

The internship will be 20 weeks and will take place inside a company of choice. That is of course a little to easy. You have to get a company. This means writing letters, doing acquisition and writing proposals. I will be doing this internship together with a friend and classmate, Christa.

We are, lets say, halfway in getting the acquisition finished. We acquired a assignment at a company and got some inside on the assignement. (When were in I'll write more about the company). Then we did a proposal to school and then went back to the organization with the feedback. After attending several meetings inside the company to get acquainted with the subject we did two new proposals to the company.

Today we received their response. They gave a go on our new proposal. I'm so happy with that. Now we are going back to school to present our new proposal to the teachers that will asses it.

Now lets hope that this new year will bring good news on that part.