Drupal 7 Release Party Rotterdam

The Drupal 7 Release Party in Rotterdam is getting shape. We will have the release party on 7 January. At this moment we have about 15 people attending. If your in the Netherlands make sure your come and join us. We (VDMi) will be at Hoppinger, Lloydstraat 138c, Rotterdam. For the details you should check here (www.drupal7releasepartyrotterdam.org) [ It's better to click that one ;) ].

Connect with some people that are coming through twitter and or on LinkedIn. You can find there information on the releaseparty site. Here is a list with tweeps that we know will be there. Ooh and make sure you include #d7rpr in your tweets.


Some people are working on a getting a projection done on the KPN building. It should look something like this. The plan is to go with a boat to a spot on the Maas river to watch it on the building.

I hope to see you there.