Rsync via SSH on different port

I wanted to use rsync to download files from a website to my local machine and do it through SSH. I have the SSH. But what do you do when you use a different port (as many companies do)?

Here is the tip I got from Mike Hostetlers blog. It helped me out so I wanted to reshare this.

rsync [options] -e "ssh -p #portnumber" sshuser@example.com:/path/to/files/ /local/path to files

Thanks Mike

Quick tip on how to simply seperate custom from contrib modules

You use a contrib modules from Drupal.org and sometimes you build your own custom modules. But when the number of modules grows it becomes harder to quickly seperate your custom modules from your contrib modules.

Simple blog: what modules do I need?

In this post I'll be taking you through the list of modules that I used for this Drupal based blog site.

Importing MySql dump through command line

Most of us webdevelopers are using databases. And when we start using live and dev versions we often use dumps to get back in sync. My database dumps started to become big in size (over 75mb). Importing through my local phpMyAdmin was cumbursome, without changing the upload size in the ini, so I wanted to start using the command line to import my dumps. This is targeted to Windows machines.

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