National television in my livingroom


No this is not about my 15 seconds of fame. This week a film crew is filming the (almost) daily activities that we have as a church, that I'm a part of. Their making a program about what we stand for and take a look inside.

New year wishes

We got a GO on our proposal

I'm in the final year of my bachelor Facility Management. A lot is going on, one of which is preparing the internship that I will be doing to finish my year.

Steal this film

I'm taking a course on open content and mashup culture. We take a indepth look at the development of internet culture and how the open content, legal issues and right management play a part in this.

Media, church and evolution

I see a interesting development in the church of today. A combination of elements that you might not find very common. Its the combination of media, church and evolution. There is a evolution going on in the media and the church is trying to catch up.

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